Research and rights clearance film, photos and music workshop

The main goal of this workshop is to learn and delve into the world of image research and archival image and music right clearances. Also, we’ll get familiar with concepts such as “fair use” and orphan works”, which will allow us to discover different ways to reduce costs and limit risks when it comes to include images, pictures and music in our projects.

The workshop combines theory and practice and is especially directed towards documentarists, archivists, archival researchers, directors and producers and anyone who deals with archival material.

TUTOR: Elizabeth Kling


Workshop The Magic of a Great Project & Pitch

The aim of the workshop is to help documentary projects, work on the trailers and improve the pitchings and presentation skills, to have the best opportunity for a successful meeting with broadcasters and funders.

The participants will get professional feedback on their project and pitch to help them focus and effectively present the story they want the film to tell.

TUTORS: Mikael Opstrup and Catherine Olsen