Production routines and limitations can affect creativity. But also ego clashes or the incapacity to realize when an idea needs to be dropped. That’s the nature of team work: many people take it as competition instead of cooperation.

This mainly practical course aims to train us for the day to day life as part of a creative team. How to work alongside someone else? How to maintain a creatively permeable brain? How can we stimulate teams to foster cooperation and circulation of ideas? When do we need to kill our project to take on better proposals? Is it possible that other people also have good ideas?

Through practical exercises and simulation we will seek creative promiscuity to facilitate teamwork and to turn problems that might arise in a production into opportunities.

Who is it for?

Those who need to be part of a team to work on an audiovisual project.


16 hours


Maximum 24
If you are interested in this course please contact: