Intensive courses designed to complement and widen the audiovisual training of university and film and production schools.

The monographic courses we are offering:

  • Learn from the masters: a workshop where 4 renowned documentary filmmakers with prestigious international awards share their knowledge in a practical way.
  • History of documentary: a journey through the main moments in the history of non-fiction cinema. Includes viewing of film fragments.
  • Film criticism: a space for reflection and understanding of cinema, analyzing how we watch films, and learning how to write a critique. It includes practical writing exercises as well as debate.
  • Documentary narrative: the peculiarities of the genre’s narrative and expressive forms will be approached through the structural analysis of documentaries. The lessons learned can be applied to own projects.
  • Documentary ethics: screenings of documentary works that will serve as examples to discuss the thorny ethical territory that documentary makers have to deal with when doing their work.
  • Documentary onthology: philosophical inquiry into the specific traits of documentary as a form of expression, its paradoxes and creative possibilities.

Who is it for?

Film students who wish to widen their knowledge in different specialties.


Between 5 and 20 hours


Maximum 24
If you are interested in this course please contact: