Good ideas are not enough: you need to know how to communicate them. That’s why pitching is the essential tool to produce appealing presentations and get a project off the ground, by building a brief, concise, and enthusiastic presentation to attract potential financiers.


To prepare those with an audiovisual project either in the development phase or completed, so that they can present it publicly or at meetings with financiers.


The course will consist of a series of practical sessions where participants will work on their project presentations on an individual basis to recognize its strengths and weaknesses and develop a good product. A group consulting session will be carried out so that everyone can benefit from other participants’ presentations to improve their own.

Other places where this course has been imparted

This “Pitching preparation” module has been imparted as part of project development workshops at the following professional gatherings:

Who is it for?

Directors and producers who need to work on the way they present and sell their project to the public.


15 hours


Maximum 12 projects.
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