Research and rights clearance film, photos and music workshop

The main goal of this workshop is to learn and delve into the world of image research and archival image and music right clearances. Also, we’ll get familiar with concepts such as […]

  • El workshop es dirigeix especialment a documentalistes, arxivers, investigadors d’arxiu, directors i productors.
  • 16 i 17 de maig


Creative and practical story-telling workshop about joining mobile phone and documentary

  • For all those who want to be able to tell a story with their mobile phones. Previous knowledge not necessary. It’s a workshop especially suited to secondary school students and teenagers.

My first documentary

Turn your idea into a documentary

  • It’s for everyone wanting to learn to use film tools to tell an intimate story. No previous knowledge needed.

The way I make documentaries

A journey through a documentary director’s filmography from their own point of view.

  • Documentary students and those interested in getting more familiar with the genre.

Direction of photography workshop

An overview of what is involved in direction of photography, offering specific resources for immediate use

  • Documentary directors who wish to delve into Direction of Photography.

Monographic courses

Intensive courses conceived to complement and widen the audiovisual training of university students and film and production schools

  • Film students who wish to widen their knowledge in different specialties.